Monday, November 13, 2006

I have a lot to write about lately.
First, I spent the weekend in Hong Kong with my uncle. It was a nice, relaxing time for me to get out of Shenzhen and stay in luxury for a couple days. For some reason, there were more tourists than usual in Hong Kong--the Star Ferry was packed Saturday. We could barely get a seat on the ferry on the way to Central. And these tourists must have been some country hicks or something. They were taking the dumbest photos I've ever seen.
"Hey, take a picture of me standing in front of this English advertisement that I don't understand." "Oh, I want one with the 'No Smoking' sign."
It really was that stupid. I almost shoved a few out of the way so that I could move. Note to tourists: please refrain from taking photos in overly crowded areas that people need to use. If you must do so, please hurry the hell up!
I also finished my book "Anil's Ghost" by Michael Ondaatje on the ride home. It is a terrific book about civil war in Sri Lanka. It follows the lives of a few characters who are loosely connected and are brought together by their jobs associated with the conflict. It depicts the atrocities that were committed (and what is probably happening again now). I was thinking of writing more, but I'm not that ambitious today. My recommendation is: READ IT!

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