Saturday, October 13, 2007


I enjoy tracking things related to my blog. Probably not as much as a computer geek, but it's still nice to see what content drives traffic here. I get to see where people are coming from and how much time they spend browsing the pages.

Occasionally, I find some amusing things when checking this out. Most of the amusement comes from the keywords that people use. I'm not quite sure how these keywords manage to bring people to my blog, however. Today, I noticed that someone found me using the following: "Chengdu prostitute massage cheap". I know I've written about Chengdu and massages and many cheap things in China. But, how did "prostitute" get involved in any of that? Well, I suppose it really isn't my place to judge people for what they really want to find in the Middle Kingdom.

Probably my favorite has been: "ride a walrus". This one refers to a great Homer Simpson quote, "The streets are paved with water. I could ride a walrus to work." However, I'm still confused by why someone would use this as a search term.

Also, I'd like to note that I really do appreciate it when I notice that people find me through links from other blogs. Unfortunately, most of the blogs that link to me are on servers that are blocked in China, which prevents me from reading them more frequently (proxy servers are too slow for someone as impatient as me).

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