Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fast Food Luxury

This must be the classiest KFC anywhere. In Penang, we came across this interesting site on our way to an outdoor food market. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to make it back to view the inside. It seems that KFC acquired one of the old colonial mansions of Georgetown and fixed it up--much like many other places nearby (a university and hotel each have the mansions as part of the larger buildings). It was very nice to see that some people are making an effort to preserve these beautiful structures around Penang--many others are dilapidated and probably beyond repair.


Pen@ng Dude said...

yup... this is the best KFC in Penang!!! yo!!! miss The Fried Chicken!!!

Shiva said...

Is there any veg. meal in China or not?

CrAzYbLoG ,