Friday, October 17, 2008

Assembling Food at IKEA

I've never been to IKEA or even bought any of their products. Until I went to Guangzhou with Jia.

Jia was in Guangzhou two days before me, and kept calling and saying how great IKEA was. I figured I'd check it out since I had some time to kill.

I'm not about to buy any furniture, seeing as my apartment (and every one I've rented in China) is already furnished. But, they had food. IKEA sold real coffee at a significantly lower price than Jusco (almost the same price as the big tub of Maxwell House I've been buying in Shekou). Not only that, they had blocks of cheese and smoked salmon at reasonable prices. I'm hoping the store in Shenzhen has the same stuff.

Jia also got a membership card (it was free), which entitles us to free coffee at the cafeteria. Note to IKEA: I plan on drinking a lot of free coffee in your stores. I don't plan on buying much else.


JA Huber said...

I love IKEA! Do they have a buffet where you can pick up Swedish meatballs? Yum!

Jill Browne said...

Great post - I would never have imagined IKEA in China but it makes a lot of sense. Buy local, almost.

Great find on the coffee. If I ever get to China, I'll have to remember this tip.

But how on earth can they keep it from attracting an unmanageable crowd? Do the Chinese hate coffee?