Monday, December 29, 2008

This is Monday

This Monday morning came with a few surprises--some welcome, some not.

I began with the regular Monday meeting at the university. We discussed some ideas I had for changing the PhD course slightly. My colleague also had a few suggestions to add. Unlike other schools in China, our recommendations were met with enthusiasm. My boss is looking to make these changes for the spring term, which I won't be around for. Still, it's nice to have my input considered and accepted.

My boss also asked if I was still having second thoughts about returning to the states in March. I admitted that I was as there aren't many publishing jobs out there and I may have to try teaching at a private school to support my family. I also mentioned that if things don't work out, Jia and I may return to China next fall. My boss' reply was that she'd find a job for me with the university if I came back to Shenzhen. Again, it's always great to feel welcome at work.

Finally, Jia called me about the package we tried shipping yesterday. Turns out, there were some items that can't be shipped from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and on to the US. We got a refund, but we have to repack and rethink.

The items that could not be shipped and reasons given:
  1. Chinese version of Monopoly purchased in Hong Kong because the dice and Monopoly money could be used for gambling in Hong Kong.
  2. A Buddhist cloth and texts because religion can't be exported.
  3. Some miniature replica terracotta warriors because they might be valuable antiques and thus the property of the People's Republic of China.
  4. A Chinese name stamp (no reason given for why that can't be shipped).
  5. A miniature Statue of Liberty purchased at Chen's College Folk Art Museum in Guangzhou (again, no reason given).

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JA Huber said...

Are you going to be carrying the forbidden items with you on the plane?

As for finding a job in the States, it'll be tough but I'm sure you'll find something. Although, many media folks are unemployed, having been let go from newspapers, magazines, etc. Almost every day I hear from someone who's been let go from their publication.