Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things I Couldn't Do in Shenzhen

Yesterday, while my wife spent the day in NYC, I went for a bike ride in beautiful 70-degree weather with my brother and his girlfriend.

For the record, the last time I rode a bike was about four years ago when I visited Israel and took a short bike tour along the Jordan River (I think the trek lasted a whole 15 minutes). Prior to that, I hadn't been on a bike since freshman year of college.

My brother decided we should take a ride through Liberty State Park. I forgot how nice this park really is--great views of the Jersey City and New York skylines, plus the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Unfortunately, I didn't learn my lesson from China and forgot to bring a camera.

Back in Shenzhen there weren't any bike trails quite like this, and I would never have attempted to ride a bike on a city street (or even sidewalk). Here in Jersey City, everyone obeys the traffic laws and the drivers were polite to the cyclists.

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