Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Electoral Blues

I got reminder of my patriotic duty in the mail today. We have an election coming up here in New Jersey.

No one really cares about the local elections--most of the candidates run unopposed. And seeing as there's very little campaigning, no one really knows anything about the candidates anyway.

The big election is for governor. We have our choice between two egotistical, wealthy scumbags. It looks like the same election we had four years ago. I just can't bring myself to vote for either of these two candidates. I've always thought Jon Corzine was a dirty politician who is corrupt, but hasn't been caught yet. And Chris Christie looks like the same candidate, except he refuses to provide any details to his plans, no matter how vague.

The joys of democracy continue here. I think I'll go vomit instead of vote.

1 comment:

CountLubinstein said...

Where's Richard Pryor when you need him? Vote None of the Above!