Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

The Mid-Atlantic states are still digging themselves out of the huge snow storm from late last week that somehow completely missed us here in the New York City area (we got a dusting at most). And we got hit with another storm that was predicted to be another 20 inches of snow. We didn't escape this one, though it looks like there's only about an inch or so on the ground (it's still coming down though). Yet, plenty of schools and businesses are closed for the snow day.

A college friend reminded me that our university never closed for numerous snow and ice storms during our tenure. We all grumbled about the policy, but attended class nonetheless. I even had a professor who broke an ankle in an icy parking lot--but the university never cancelled classes for any reason.

Our time at the university reminded me of working at the graduate school in Shenzhen and how classes were never cancelled. During my last year and a half we were hit by a few typhoons. Each of those storms closed nearly everything in Hong Kong, but absolutely nothing in Shenzhen. I did have to reschedule a class because of one of those typhoons, but that was because the school bus got stuck on a flooded street and didn't arrive at campus until well after the class ended.

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