Monday, March 08, 2010

For the Women

Today is International Women's Day, which doesn't mean much around here as most women still have to work. In honor of the day I thought I'd share a few sites managed and written by women (particularly sites I find interesting).

Solo Travel Girl -- Written by Jennifer Huber, a world traveler who has frequently stopped by this blog.

Freelance Writing Jobs -- Created by Deb Ng, a fellow New Jerseyan who is also a friendly and helpful writer. She also published one of my articles on the site back in November.

Aimee Barnes -- A New Yorker who spends a lot of time writing about China. She writes some fascinating articles, and she's one of the few bloggers I have met.

China Sports Today -- News of sports around China, written by Maggie Rauch.

Thechannelc -- Mostly tech posts, but some other interesting posts as well. Written by the humorous and friendly Carolyn Chan, whom I met in Shenzhen.


Josh said...

Nice list there...I was already reading a couple of those but I added one. There are quite a few female bloggers out there.

Matthew said...

Josh, there are too many to list. I figured it was a nice list to start with since they're all great people, and none of the sites are in my short list of links that needs to be updated.

Deb Ng said...

Thank you so much for including FWJ on your list of terrific resources.