Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gone Fishing

Do you know where your fish is from? There are plenty of people who want to buy fish that is local (or at least domestic) because they think it helps the economy and it's the green thing to do. Well, maybe it isn't. From CNN again, comes an article stating that fish caught in Alaskan waters is shipped to China for processing before returning to the US for consumption. Looks like my salmon traveled more than I did in the last year.

This is really a surprise. A few weeks ago I was at the grocery store and noticed a package of frozen salmon that was significantly cheaper than the thawed fillets being sold in the seafood department. The package had an American flag on it, and some cheesy American-imagery name. But, it also said "Product of China." I was confused because I know salmon is not a local fish in China. I thought that maybe someone opened a salmon farm in China or the US was allowing Chinese fishermen in the Alaskan waters. Turns out I was wrong about both.

The question now is, how long does it take to process the fish and get it back for sale in the US?

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