Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lunatics Holding Us Hostage

I thought it was over after that idiot in Florida got his 15 minutes of fame for planning to burn copies of the Koran. Now, more idiots are coming out of the woodwork and threatening the lives of every American because of their disregard for tolerance of anyone other than themselves.

The first is an pastor in Tennessee who has decided to burn the Koran to "save their souls." The second is the most hated church group in America: Westboro Baptist Church--those so-called Christians who protest at soldiers' funerals with highly offensive slogans about gays. These people are going to burn the Koran because the idiot in Florida decided not to.

How is it that a few lunatics can garner so much attention that it endangers an entire nation? Maybe the government can sponsor a trip for the lunatic fringe to the rural regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan...and leave them there.


mykl_c said...

Matthew, while I agree totally with your understanding of the guys who've forgotten about turning the other cheek, I'd love to see the Islamic world expressing the same level of response to the burned bibles, destroyed churches and beaten Christians from the last 20 years, not to mention the last 1400 years.

Peter said...

I think a few cartoonists here in Denmark are happy to see focus change to America. Not that political burning of korans is a wise decision, but neither is bible or flag burning anyway.

There are generally too many religius people in the world trying to stirr things up all the time. I'll give you that Matt.