Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Broadway

There are some perks to teaching at a college in the NYC area. I've been impressed by the activities that the college has for students and staff, but I haven't been able to attend anything until now. Unfortunately, I missed out on trips to the Natural History Museum and a Buddhist monastery outside the city.

Jia has asked a few times to see a Broadway show, but she's worried that she won't understand what's going on. It's part of why I've been reluctant to take her to a play (I don't like musicals, I think they're cheesy). However, thanks to the student/faculty activities committee, I can now take my wife to a Broadway show that she'll understand: Blue Man Group. There is nothing for Jia to understand about three blue guys playing improvised instruments.

Since the theater is in one of my favorite neighborhoods, we may combine our Broadway experience with dinner at Crif Dogs and a beer at McSorley's. That would make it a classy evening.


Yokie Kuma said...

I'm jealous ... you get to go to NY easily .... I was there in Sept and then remembered how much I missed it .... my wife thinks it looks like HK!

Meg said...

That sounds awesome! Although I would pick the new Spiderman musical for a really high-class date! (I keep seeing ads for it, and it's like a disaster scene, I just can't look away)

Matthew said...

Yokie, it is nice having NYC so close. You'll have tell me next time you're in town.

Meg, I didn't have a choice for the show...the college gets group tickets. But a Spiderman musical sounds interesting in a train wreck sort of way.