Sunday, August 28, 2005

Moving Rant

I just moved from Boulder, CO back to Rockaway, NJ. Why, you ask? Because the lease on my apartment was up and I didn't have a job in Boulder. So, I'm now sitting at home awaiting job offers.
Anyway, the 26 hour drive from Boulder to Jersey sucked. Fortunately my goal of getting out of Kansas on the first day worked. Too bad there was a huge thunderstorm the second day in Missouri (which apparently stretched into most of Kansas and part of Illinois). I must admit, I was bored out of my mind for most of the drive on I-70 and I-80. Why aren't there more radio stations on the highways? The most radio I got was either country or NPR. I'm not a fan of country music and I can only take so much classical music from NPR.
But it's nice to be home in a way... except for the lack of people I know and the humidity. I think I need a desert climate.
And again, if anyone has a job offer for me--preferably in writing or editing--please contact me. I really need a job. I want to go somewhere different. Pacific Northwest sounds nice. Just don't send me to Kansas.

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