Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The People's Blog

I have arrived in Shenzhen, China to teach English to kids. The flight to Hong Kong was far too long. I think scientists need to develop teleportation. Or maybe airlines just need larger seats.
Anyway, I've been here a day now and I'm lost beyond belief. I can't really talk to anyone other than the teachers since I don't know any Chinese and the Chinese know no English. My apartment is completely empty aside from a rock-hard bed, a wood couch, and a TV... and a telephone that don't work. I better get accustomed to this place quick. Otherwise, I doubt I'll make it through the first month.
As I'm told, I won't get any real training for teaching. However, I was also told it should only take me a week or two to get used to the classroom and grow comfortable in teaching these kids as much English as possible considering the great language barrier.
I think it should go well as long as I don't try to teach Jersey English, Brooklynese, or Pittsburghese. I'm really tempted, but I know I shouldn't resort to that.

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