Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome to the NHL, Sid

Tonight was the opening night of the new NHL season... 18 months or so in the making. I was out at the Thirsty Moose to watch the Devils-Penguins game. Why didn't I watch at home? Because you have to pay to watch games on Fox Sports. Stupid Cablevision crap.
Anyway, the Devils beat the Penguins 5-1, thanks in large part to the goaltending of Martin Brodeur. This game was the debut of Sidney Crosby--the kid who is supposed to be the next Wayne Gretzky. It was also Mario Lemieux's 40th birthday. Happy birthday, Mario. By the way, your team still looks terrible. Crosby wasn't all bad in his debut; he did have an assist on the poweplay (one of eleven powerplays of the night).
The Devils seem to have the upper hand with rookies this season. Zach Parise, the kid who led the U.S. team to the World Junior Championship, made his debut with a goal and an assist.
Both rookies were outdone by Washington Capital's newest addition Alexander Ovechkin, who had two goals on the night against Columbus.
At least there are three rookies worth watching this season. Let's just hope they continue this through this season and many to come.

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