Saturday, January 20, 2007

Things are looking good lately. I have my papers in order to go make my visa run to Hong Kong on Tuesday (I think that's when I'll go anyway). Of course, now I have make an extra stop at the U.S. consulate to get more pages added in my passport because China believes in using tons of pages for visas and stamps. I have my letter to get a six-month F visa. I was considering something longer, but I may end up going to a university in Shanghai to study Chinese in the fall. Or maybe I'll find one of the nice jobs I've seen listed online lately, and they'll provide another visa for me.
Anyway, the company giving me the letter wants me to start up some English training for their employees. The boss also has asked me to tutor his two kids. On top of that, I have some part-time adult classes to teach starting in March. I'm even being approached by some local schools and waiting on a few editing/copywriting positions. Seems like too many offers rolling in.
The best offer I'm waiting on is Asia's Best Hotels Guide. I was contacted a while back about this. They finally e-mailed again and said they've been delayed and will send out assignments relatively soon.
There is one sore spot here. My new apartment has a problem with the phone lines. I can't get my Internet hooked up. So, for now, my computer and connection are set in my girlfriend's home. I hope all this is sorted out before I take my short trip to Thailand in a couple weeks.

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