Monday, January 29, 2007

Lucky 604

Maybe it's a sign before the lunar new year here in China. I got very lucky yesterday.
My girlfriend and I decided to take a trip to Xixiang Carrefour here in Bao'an. I figured I could pick up a few things for my new apartment... like food. As we got off the bus, I wanted to check out the cafe around the corner (turns out it's a restaurant and not a coffee shop). We walked on our way into the shopping center and I reached to change my sunglasses over to my normal glasses. I noticed that my glass case was not in my pocket. It must've fallen out on the bus.
We ran over to the bus stop and stopped the next 604 bus that came along. My girlfriend tried to explain the situation to the driver and he pulled out the phone number of the bus in front of him. She called. After a few minutes of talking, the driver found my glasses and said he'd bring them back to the Bao'an station near our complex in about an hour.
On our arrival at the station, the glasses weren't there. She called the driver again. He explained that his bus broke down, but not to worry as he passed the glasses off to another driver who should arrive shortly. Sure enough, five minutes later another 604 arrives and the driver steps off the bus carrying my glasses. I thanked him a few dozen times.
After all my bad experiences on buses, I've finally regained faith in some people. I'm proud to say that some people around here are still good natured and kind. So, if you're in Bao'an and want to take an old, dirty bus through the streets, pick up the 604.

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JA Huber said...

People are generally good :) Looking forward to more adventures and insight.