Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Returned Items

I have internet access again! Jia and I returned a few days ago to Shenzhen... We're officially married now (according to one government anyway). It was quite a trip. I'll be sure to spread out the stories of the journey as there are a lot. There were quite a few great experiences and a couple mishaps, but overall it was a great time.

Anyway, we're settled into out new apartment in Nanshan district (inside the Special Economic Zone). This neighborhood is really nice--it's quiet and clean. The security guards actually do their jobs here. We have a swimming pool, activity room with exercise equipment, lots of little restaurants, and three 7-11s within a 5 minute walk. I don't have to go back to work til Monday, and that'll only last about three weeks before I start my new job at the university.

Now I have to sort through the dozens of emails that I didn't check (mostly spam). I also should check out some sports news that I missed.

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