Saturday, September 08, 2007

Food and Toilets

Yesterday was Jia's birthday. After work I took her out to dinner in the Garden City Center. We figured we could walk around a bit and decide what to eat. Our choices came down to sushi and BBQ. Jia finally decided on the Brazilian BBQ.

The Amazon Brazilian BBQ is usually a pretty good buffet meal--they bring lots of barbecued meat on swords right to you. The other food selection is lacking, however. The salad is drenched in dressing that is far too salty (as are most of the other fruit/vegetable selections). There is a decent selection of fresh fruit though, next to the desserts that pretty good for China. Unlike at other locations, this one had much better service--they just kept bringing the food out to us without a break. It seems that at different locations or at different times they have different barbecued meat--last time I went, I had camel; last night they had some much better cuts of beef and lamb. There was also a guy playing guitar and singing (I don't know what he was singing as it was all Chinese).

Only problem with dining at Garden City Center is that there aren't toilets in the restaurants. But have no fear, the public toilets at this mall are the best in China (I've experienced plenty: see previous article). I couldn't believe my eyes (and nose) the restroom was clean and I even spotted Western-style toilets in stalls that weren't reserved for the handicapped. I am proud to offer my award for "Best Public Toilet in China" to the Garden City Center in Shenzhen. There's even a good chance that this may be the best public toilet I've ever seen.

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Stuart Benedict said...

I would have to say that the best "public" toilet I saw in China (and I'm discounting restrooms in real luxury hotels) was located in the lounge of a hotel on the campus of Beijing University.