Monday, September 10, 2007

This is not a recall

Jia thought she lost her MP3 the other day. Yesterday she found it... in the pocket of her skirt after it had been through the washing machine. Somehow it still works fine. If anyone is curious, it was fairly inexpensive. I think the brand was So Good. Guess we have to recommend that one for durability.

On to airline news. Shenzhen Airlines is planning to be the first Chinese carrier to allow cellphones to be used during flights. I personally don't care how they're going to accomplish this goal. In fact, I will now boycott the airline for this move. I don't want to sit with 100 people shouting on their phones during a three-hour flight around China. I don't even like riding the bus with people talking on their phones. When I fly, all I want is for everyone to be quiet so that I can make my futile attempt to fall asleep.

Finally, I would like to make a plea for donations to my football fund. That's right, I'm asking for money so that I can watch/listen to football online. I tried to wake up early Sunday to catch the Penn State-Notre Dame game only to find out that I'd have to pay just to listen to the game. Anyway, GO PSU!

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