Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From the Headlines

Ever wonder what some Chinese businesspeople will do to make a quick buck? Well, come on down to Guangdong province where much of China's wealth is located. Guangzhou and Shenzhen are just behind Shanghai when it comes to wealth--but Shanghai has a bit more foreign influence.

It was reported yesterday in China Daily that there is a problem with rubber hair ties that are produced in Dongguan (a booming manufacturing city between Shenzhen and Guangzhou). It seems that some companies have decided to go green in way--it was just the wrong way. They are recycling used condoms to make said hair ties. And now there are fears that these recycled products could spread disease because they're not meant to be recycled. These tainted hair ties are being sold at local markets for about 25 fen (a quarter of a kuai). The article makes no mention of any possible government intervention and also does not mention any company/product names.

There is a possibility that this is just an urban legend and completely exaggerated--just like the cardboard in the baozi from the summer. It does seem a little outlandish. I'd be rather surprised to see the wandering recycling migrants fishing through the trash for a used condom. And how often the people actually purchase condoms would then come into question (maybe the companies are collecting from the massage parlors).

It's things like this that remind me of that great decision to cut my long hair some six years ago. I'm also glad that Jia doesn't use these sorts of hair ties.

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