Sunday, November 11, 2007

Worth a Dollar

I found a new beer today: Mahou Beer. Jia and I took a trip to commie Wal-Mart to replace my DVD player (I'm surprised it lasted two years for 120 kuai). We quickly found our replacement so we could watch Seinfeld and Simpsons.

On our journey through the crowds (think Xmas in an American mall every weekend), we stopped off in the liquor department to check prices on Kahlua and Captain Morgan (I think Kahlua is cheaper in the American store). I decided to check out the beer selection and found Mahou. I've never had a Spanish beer and thought it couldn't be any worse than another bottle of Tsingtao--I was expecting something similar to Mexican cerveza. I was half right. It was quite good--strong taste of hops. Mahou reminded me of a nice ale.

According to their Web site, Mahou has been brewed in Madrid, Spain since 1890. It claims to be the most famous beer in Spain. And if you're wondering about the name not sounding Spanish, that's because the founders were French.

Now I'll have to remember more Spanish so I can talk about the beer. Anyway, this is about all I can remember from three years of classes: Yo quiero mas cerveza por favor.


JA Huber said...

I'm going off topic, but did you enter that travel writing competition? I looked at the entries and didn't see any that would be your's but maybe I overlooked it.

Matthew said...

Aw, crap. I knew I forgot to do something. Well, I guess it's back to trying to sell my work.