Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Moment for Sichuan

There isn't much I can do for the earthquake victims while I sit at home doing work for school. I'll ask Jia later if there is any way to donate some clothes to Red Cross in Shenzhen (assuming they have an office here).

I thought I'd share a photo from one of my two trips to Sichuan province--this is from Chengdu, one of my favorite places to visit. The sites were beautiful, the culture was wonderful, and the people were friendly. I'm fairly certain this was a tea performance on Qingtai Lu. (Another Sichuan post here.)
For anyone interested in helping the relief effort, you can donate online to the Red Cross Society of China:
If the link doesn't work (it hasn't been working for a lot of people lately), check out the American Red Cross and choose where to donate your money (you can also donate to help the people of Myanmar).

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