Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Non-Earthquake Stuff

Everyone blogging in China is writing about the earthquakes in Sichuan. So everyone knows, we're fine here in Shenzhen--didn't feel a thing, which is surprising considering I'm pretty sure we're closer to the epicenter than Beijing.

While the others keep you up to date on the relief situation, I have other things to think about here. Later today, I have a going away party for four friends. One is getting transferred back to the states against his will, one is leaving for greener pastures (not sure where), and two are leaving because they can't get working visas because they are not native English speakers, even though they speak better than most English teachers I've met.

As they all go back home (or close to it), I'm staying here thinking about home a bit. I received quite a few emails asking if I was OK after the earthquake (mostly because people don't know where everything is in China). It reminds me that I have caring friends and family to return to when the time comes for me to leave China.

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JA Huber said...

Glad you're OK; I realize China's a big country. Guess it's like when a hurricane hits Florida, people think the whole state is wiped out. Be well!