Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost Suggestions

Jia showed me a short Chinese music video today because it had some beautiful scenes from Inner Mongolia. My wife's comment was that she thought we should visit the northern countryside because she liked the plains and mountains.

I agreed with Jia's suggestion--I do want to visit Inner Mongolia (or even the country, Mongolia). In fact, I mentioned traveling there when we were contemplating our options for the summer holiday. Her opinion of the region at that time was that there was nothing there and it would be boring.

Funny how my ideas don't mean anything until my wife expresses the very same without any recognition of my previous mention.


Josh said...

Ain't that the truth!

Peter said...

You should know by now that Chinese wives/girlfreinds never listen. ;-)

Nah, that may be harsh, but it sure goes for my wife too. I have plenty of those experienses with my wife myself. I can tell her things and 2 days later she will tell me something similar, like it's some new found wisdom she read on the net. What I tell her is just passing through one ear, and out of another while she keep nodding and probably is far away in Womanland ;-)

Not sure what to do about it, and not sure I should. Sometimes its just a hazzle when I think we agree on something and find out that only I listened to me ;-)