Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Everyone Else's Fault

Once again, China is playing the blame game. This time it's all about the environment.

Rather than practicing what it preaches, the Chinese government is demanding "rich nations" to cut greenhouse emissions by 40% by 2020. Not included in the list of nations: China. This is because China is still a "developing country." (Independent space program, nuclear power, technologically advanced mass transportation network, most Internet users in world, but not a developed country.) China also says "rich nations" must also invest more money in green technology (which will probably be produced in China).

Meanwhile, China has missed its 4% annual cuts in emissions that it promised since 2006.


Froog said...

Are you still managing to blog from Shenzhen? Do you have any proxy/VPN tips you could share? (Or maybe the censorship regime is just more mellow down there in South China??)

By the way, I hope that's a genuine Grifted Chairman Mao doll on your other blog. The designer's a very good friend of mine, and she's had a few problems with knock-offs (surprise, surprise).

Matthew said...

Froog, I'm not in Shenzhen anymore--moved out of China (for now anyway). And it is a genuine Mao doll--came across Grifted the day it opened in Beijing. Supposed to get their monkey king doll in the mail (if China Post doesn't steal it).

Froog said...

PP will be most gratified by your brand loyalty, I'm sure.

I don't suppose Malaysia is censorship-free, but it's got to be a big step up from the PRC.