Monday, May 04, 2009

Walking On

In between the rain showers that have plagued the area (and will supposedly continue until next week), we took part in the Revlon Run/Walk to fight cancer. (You can visit their Web site to donate to the cause.) My family has been part of it since I left for China, and this was my first year to take part in it. The event holds importance in my family as my aunt is a cancer survivor and we lost my uncle shortly after I left for China. The others on our walking team were all friends of my aunt, some of whom have also lost loved ones to cancer.

The walk itself wasn't long--only two and a half miles--but the pace was very slow with the huge crowd. We also had to walk a while to get to the start of the official walk, and then quite a bit more to get to the brunch afterward. And, of course, we also walked more after brunch before heading back to Jersey City and our Sichuanese dinner.

Now I'm looking forward to the rain stopping long enough so I can take a day out hiking at the Delaware Water Gap.

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