Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Prospective Employers

Why do you insist that I use your online application forms that don't work properly? Perhaps you should hire programmers that can create quality online forms.

The first problem with your forms is that I have to provide you with my resume three times. Is that really necessary? I have to copy and paste a plain text version in so your program can incorrectly parse it into the required fields that I have to retype anyway. Then I have to upload the document. Then I have to enter all the information into the fields that you require while I click through fifteen pages online.

That last part is the second problem. Why do you need my former employers' phone numbers? I know you want to check to make sure I'm not lying about my employment history, but isn't that why I have former bosses and co-workers as my references? And why must I use the American standard format of (xxx) xxx-xxxx? That doesn't work when trying to enter a phone number in China. I can't just give you a fake number, because that would disqualify me from employment if/when you decide to call.

If you really want to hire quality candidates, you might want to consider the old fashioned way of accepting cover letters and resumes via the US Postal Service--I'm sure they'd be very happy that you forced applicants to spend a dollar on postage. Or you could turn back the clock a few years and just accept applications via e-mail.

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