Sunday, June 21, 2009

Love That Food

I just can't get enough of foods I couldn't eat in China (either because they were prohibitively expensive or impossible to find).

As an early Father's Day dinner, we headed out to Clifton, NJ. Because my brother has had to visit Clifton on business, he was introduced to Toros by his customers. If I thought last month's adventure in Turkish cuisine was good, this was exponentially better.

The place was packed when we got in--I think I was the last car allowed in their small parking lot. They had live music (one guy playing some traditional Turkish music), which was unfortunately right next to our table, making it difficult to have any conversation.

We ordered some Turkish beer and appetizers (some yogurt and herb dip, stuffed mussels, and red bean). I can't quite remember what everyone ordered for dinner--it was difficult to choose because everything sounded good...and everything was great. The tenderness of the meat, the flavors and spices, everything was better than I've had at other Turkish restaurants. Although we were stuffed, we had some dessert that was extremely sweet. And we ended with some great Turkish coffee that wasn't overly sweet like the last time we had it (though I should've asked for a little less sugar in mine).

My biggest complaint about Toros is that it's too far from home--they need to open another one closer to me. Restaurants like this make me want to travel to Turkey and do nothing but eat.

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