Friday, September 23, 2005

The Job Search

I thought I had a job lined up in Japan. I was wrong. They asked me to e-mail copies of documents (diplomas, TEFL, passport) last Saturday. Well, due to my grad school's stupidity, I had to wait until Monday to find out what was going on with my diploma. I explained the situation and sent all the other documents to Japan. Apparently that took too long. A school couldn't wait between Saturday and Monday to get documents? Well that's a load of crap.
So, now I'm looking at other teaching opportunities. These jobs are all in Japan and China. Although most are in China now because Japan doesn't seem to be hiring at this time. Fortunately, I have received two responses saying that I will be contacted for a phone interview. One is in Shenzhen (southern China) and the other is in Changchun (northeast China).
At this point it's first come, first serve. I just need an excuse to take some time out of the country and learn a second language (seeing as I gave up on Spanish some years ago). Not only that, but I don't feel like editing or proofreading anymore. Teaching sounds a little more interesting.

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