Saturday, September 24, 2005

We Are... Penn State!

Penn State is now 4-0. They won their Big Ten opener against Northwestern. They shouldn't have won the game, however. Michael Robinson accounted for four turnovers (three interceptions and a fumble) in the first half. Fortunately, Northwestern only scored 13 on those turnovers. Oh yeah, Robinson also had two fumbles that PSU recovered. This game was pathetic. PSU did not deserve to win this game. Robinson had many terrible passes. Considering his first completion was to Northwestern should give everyone the hint that he can't throw the ball. Most of his passes were short or long. He couldn't seem to throw anything on target. Even that amazing game-winning touchdown was underthrown. He couldn't catch his receiver in stride. The receiver had to stop in his route to catch the ball and then dodge a tackle for the TD. This team will not compete in the Big Ten for a bowl bid if it keeps playing like this on offense. Joe Paterno needs to consider using Anthony Morelli as a starting quarterback. Obviously Robinson has no idea how to play the position--he's the second leading rusher on the team. If he wants to be a running back, let him. Let a real quarterback have a chance and maybe the offense will finally do something.

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