Monday, September 19, 2005

University Stupidity

Here's the deal: I graduated with an MFA in July. I was told that my diploma would be mailed to me within 30 days. It is now Sept. 19 and I have no diploma. I need said diploma to obtain a work permit in Japan. I called the registrar at Naropa and told them to send it to me immediately. They told me they can't. Why? It's simple really. The diplomas were all printed up and ready to get sent to the graduates. However, the new vice president of the university who was hired in July decided he wanted his name to appear on the diplomas rather than the VP who was there for the time that the students were. The diplomas all had to be reprinted. On top of this, some school official who has to sign every diploma lives in Canada. Why is he in Canada? What sort of stupidity is there in the world that one man can screw up my life so easily?
I am calling for the resignation of the vice president of Naropa. He's obviously too stupid to work in academia. And if he doesn't resign, I'd like a formal apology and tuition reimbursement. I spent $40,000 on that degree and I better have it soon.

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