Monday, September 11, 2006

China Lotto

It was a long day today. After my late class, we had beginner Chinese lessons with the non-native speaking students of the international section. Damn, it was difficult. The first thing we had was in characters, Pinyin, English, and Korean. But then we got to the book and it was all characters. Our teacher only spoke Putonghua and the CD we used was quite fast. I understood very little and managed to get one out of six questions correct.
After that I went with Winnipeg to dinner at Green. We sat to eat and drink and discuss our classes and such. His girlfriend came by, as she works a few doors down at the lottery office. She spoke with Winnipeg about business and the new game she bought that was selling well. He gave her 10 kuai for ten tickets. He didn't win on any. I figured this was my opportunity to cash in. I gave her 2 kuai. I won 1 kuai. So I got another ticket. I won another 1 kuai. So I got another ticket. I won another 1 kuai. (Can you guess what happens here?) On the sixth ticket, I lost all my money. It wasn't all bad. Six tickets for 2 kuai is pretty good and pointless. I supposed I could've kept that money and spent it on a bus ride to Commie-Mart.

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