Friday, September 08, 2006

Chinese musical experience

Last night we went out to New Face Pub in Bao'an District (not far from where I live). We had to walk there from the club that we thought we'd check out (that place was far too loud and wanted 60 kuai for the three of us to sit there on top of the price of drinks). Anyway, the first band there played a couple English songs for us. The first being some Green Day song. There was something else that I don't know the name or singer of. And lastly, they played Bon Jovi's "It's my life." I don't like the songs they played, but I must admit they sounded quite good.
The second band was a lot funnier. It was a three man band--a big Jamaican guy and two Chinese guys. They played some boy band song in a hard rock style... I couldn't stop laughing. And to top it all off, they played "It's my life."

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