Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fate likes to throw curveballs...recently anyway.
Monday was one of the worst days I've had in China. Most of my classes just sucked (general term there). And of course, my worst class didn't disappoint. I've tried being nice, I've tried being mean. Now I just don't care and they can sit in silence for the rest of the year. Bunch of spoiled rich brats whose parents sent them far away for school because they don't want to deal with them.
Anyway, as you figured out, I was quite angry. I drowned my sorrows with gong bao ji ding and Kingway. I was later accompanied by some other teachers. To top this all off, I asked around for good news or even for someone to give me a reason to stay and was greeted with only commiseration. That's not what I wanted.
I awoke Tuesday and checked my e-mail. There in my inbox was a letter stating that this woman had read my work on and really liked it. She wanted to offer me a travel writing job for a major travel guide. I was happy again.
One glitch. I replied to the e-mail and was greeted with an auto-response from hotmail saying that it was undeliverable.
So, now I must find this woman. I have the address of the main editor for the publication, but I can't find any names. I just have to hope that if I e-mail the editor with the situation, I will finally be greeted with kindness and a reason to leave the hell that is teaching rich brats.

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