Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mr. W took us out to a KTV in Bao'an last night for some fun before my girlfriend and I leave for Thailand tomorrow. He's been more than helpful in my quest to stay in China.
I'm pretty sure this is a new KTV (or maybe just remodeled). They have a nice buffet for dinner... although I couldn't figure out what a few of the items were because I haven't learned to read those characters yet.
My girlfriend decided to coax me into singing with them. I'm certainly no singer (think Bob Dylan, but less melodic), but after a few beers I took a look through the English catalogue. I was impressed by the near 2000 English songs. Well, that number is a bit lower due to repeated song titles that are simply misspelled. There are also quite a few Chinglish titles that made me laugh. I tried to do The Beatles' "Revolution" (spelled "Revolutin"). Strangely, one line was messed up in the song... and it wasn't the one about Chairman Mao. I was later tempted to sing one of the two versions they had of "Funkytown." I'm glad I decided against that.

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