Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best Dollar Beer Yet

During the Sunday adventure at the new shopping mall and grocery store, I picked up a 500ml bottle of Asahi beer. Amazingly, the label said "hei pi" in Chinese characters. I couldn't believe that I found a dark Japanese beer. The best part was that it was only 8 kuai (so, it's slightly more expensive than US$1 at the current exchange rate). It was certainly better than paying 10 kuai for a 12 oz. Xinjiang black beer or even 9 kuai for a can of Guinness Foreign Extra (really quite bland for a Guinness). The Asahi has a good bitter flavor and no bad aftertaste--just the way a beer should taste. It's not as smooth as a stout, but fairly close to a porter. You better believe that I'll keep buying this Asahi beer until the end of the term when I get to travel home and have a Yuengling again.

Happy drinking!

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