Friday, December 28, 2007

Woohoo! Four-Day Weekend!

No, I didn't skip work like Homer selling stolen sugar. My university really gave us a four-day weekend, unlike many schools in China that make their teachers work the weekend before the New Year to "make up" for vacation days. I still remember last year I had to work two extra days to make up for the ONE day holiday.

Unfortunately, the school decided to give us the extra day with little notice. This meant that Jia and I really couldn't make travel plans. It's ok though, we decided we should save the money for our trip to the states next month. We'll be spending our little holiday around Shenzhen with friends. Tonight, we're heading out to a 5-star hotel for a nice buffet dinner. Tomorrow morning I'm waking up early to catch the Alamo Bowl at a sports bar in Shekou (Go Penn State!). We're still unsure about our plans for New Year's Eve, but we'll find something worthwhile.

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