Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hazy Thursday

This certainly goes along with yesterday's post about the weather. I woke up today and had a look out the window--I couldn't see the buildings that are a little more than half a mile away. I walked outside to catch the school bus and stared directly at the sun. The sun was rather dull in the morning. Then, when I got to class, I glanced out the window. I usually see hills and mountains outside. I could see the first hill that is right outside, but couldn't see the huge mountain that's not far behind it. My throat is burning today and I'm having a little trouble breathing. I was thinking of exercising, but that would increase my rate of inhaling all the pathogenic particles in the air.

This is definitely the worst day I've seen in Shenzhen. I saw a couple really bad hazy days in Beijing, and I think this one ranks up there--possibly surpassing those days. If it still looks this bad tomorrow, I'll take a picture to post here.

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