Friday, October 27, 2006

The censors are after me...

Well not really. It seems China decided to block access to blogger again. I can still post, I just can't view. I hope this is only temporary. I can't post photos with my ramblings if I can't view the layout.
On another note...
It's a damn big beer. The other night, on my way home I spotted a big inflatable Kingway bottle (weighted so it never falls over). I inquired if I could purchase said beer. The answer was, it's free. But I have to now eat and drink at the restaurant every now and then. I just had lunch there yesterday and it's quite good. Plus I don't mind spending a little time there since the nice Kingway girl who helped me with my Chinese studies works there now.
Here's to gigantic beers I can't drink. Ganbei!

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