Monday, October 09, 2006

That was not exactly the response I was expecting.
I have a class of non-Chinese students (a mix of various Asians but mostly Koreans). I decided that I would teach a little current events after reading the news about DPRK's nuclear testing. I was quite surprised to find that, for once, my students knew what had happened before I even told them. Even more surprising was one of my students' reactions. I had put up a big photo of Kim Jung Il on the TV screen (and it's a huge TV). This girl came in and flipped him off. Not only that, she actually said, "Fuck you!" I've never heard her curse... or even speak so much during one class. All four of my Korean students had comments about situation and not a single one of them liked Mr. Pompador.

On another note, I just happened to glance at a little brochure from the famous Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant. The last photo on the back is that of the funny little man preparing to choose his duck for dinner.
I should note that the other three photos are of Henry Kissinger, George HW Bush, and Toshiki Kaifu (former PM of Japan).

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