Monday, October 23, 2006

Homer Simpson voice:
Yes, I found something different for once. I'm really getting sick of Chinese beer. My choices are Tsingtao and Kingway. Or if I want even lower quality, Snow. Or if I want to spend twice as much and travel 20 minutes on the bus, Xin Jiang Black Beer. But yesterday I took a trip to commie-mart. I guess they're emptying the stock, because it was cheaper than Pabst. Grolsch for 3.80 kuai. I don't even really like Grolsch, but it tastes different. For some reason that was the price for a 12 oz bottle while the big bottles were 14 kuai. I'll never understand the pricing here. But I do believe that when something goes on sale, it means they will never sell it again. If I'm lucky, they'll keep a few bottles of this on the shelves until I make it back to bring home a case.

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