Monday, October 30, 2006

Today at the tail-end of lunch, a group of Chinese women knocked at my door. I could easily guess what they wanted. They wanted to see my apartment. They always do. This is the 5th time this term that they have stopped by. The problem is, they're not allowed in the building. Of course, the security gates are all broken and have been broken since the summer. These damn people never bother the Chinese and they know exactly where the foreigners live.
I finally got fed up with this group. I told them they aren't allowed in the building and I asked one if she understood and she nodded. But she also started giggling about the situation. I told her this was no joke and I'd call the police next time. Then I told them, "Get the fuck out of my building!" and slammed the door in their faces.
Something better get done about the gates or these idiot realtors. This is amounting to harassment and I'm really sick of it. To top it off, it is the school's responsibility to ensure the teachers' safety in the building. And I'm still not sold on the security. The most they've ever done is stop a kiwi on his way to Hong Kong with his posessions.

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