Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I've always been a little weary of getting haircuts in China. Maybe it's the whole non-Chinese hair thing I have going. I somehow doubt many barbers in this country have much experience with curly-haired foreigners. Although, somehow I have gotten lucky in the last two years.

Well, until last night that is. Everything went well for the first while. The girl shampooing my hair and massaging my head and shoulders was doing a great job--it felt more relaxing than usual. I was feeling great up until she whipped out the Q-tips and began removing some of the cotton from the ends. She was doing some exploratory work in my ear that was just not comfortable. Soon enough, there was a bit of pain and my hearing got a little fuzzy. I told her to get away. Fortunately, she didn't do any severe damage, just a little too much pressure on the old ear drum. It gave me the same feeling I get when I'm congested with a terrible cold. This morning it's feeling significantly better.

Then on to the actual haircut. I'll leave it at: it's much shorter than I wanted it. That barber had no idea what he was doing and gave me the worst haircut since I've arrived in China. I can't wait to move to a more foreign-friendly area that possibly knows how to cut hair.

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JA Huber said...

I cringed reading this about her using the bald Q-tip! Glad your hearing is intact.