Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some days I should just stay in bed

First off, to the anonymous comment in my previous post about my former employer in China: No, I wouldn't recommend working there unless you want to be a dancing monkey. It was an alright job for my first year here, but things went way downhill and they are continuing on that path. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to ever move to Bao'an district of Shenzhen. It is quite possibly the worst place in all of China.

Also, if anyone contacts you claiming to be me, please disregard it. I have not and will not send out any e-mail. I consider this space the only verifiable way to make such contact.

On to the story of the day:
I decided to move some of my stuff out of the apartment to store at a friend's place until I return from vacation and move into the new apartment. On my way out, Jia and I were confronted by one of the worthless security guards who informed us that we couldn't go anywhere because he had to make sure we weren't stealing from my landlord. I just walked away with my stuff. I got around the corner and in came the idiot once more on a bike. We began to yell at each other. Jia got really angry. I simply yelled for him to call the police (I figure I know more officers in Bao'an than this fake cop). Instead of calling the police, he called three of his buddies to stop us from going anywhere. Finally, Jia called the landlord who came by and told the guards it was ok and to leave us alone.

I wouldn't mind the whole harassment thing so much if it weren't for the fact that these guards do absolutely nothing all day long. The security gates in my area, including the building, have been broken the last six months. But of course, the guards never ask anyone for ID or to show their gate cards to prove they live there. If there's an accident, they do absolutely nothing. If anyone asked for help, they might grudgingly get off their asses to help, as long as it didn't require much effort.

Thank you Bao'an brown-shirted security guards, today you proved me right that your jobs are worthless.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the feedback on Tsinghua School! Could I please ask you to elaborate on why you disliked Tsinghua? I thought since it was affiliated with the University that it would be pretty decent. Did they not keep to the contract?

Also, I've heard Shenzhen on the whole isn't that safe...what would you say, having lived there? Thank you for the info. I appreciate it! x

Anonymous said...

If you hate China so much why do you stay there?