Sunday, June 03, 2007


I certainly have to thank Winnipeg. He saved me a trip to Luohu yesterday to potentially find a tuxedo for my wedding. I really hate walking around the Luohu shopping centers--the store clerks are excessively annoying and there are too many people in the area. Fortunately, my friend let me borrow his tuxedo to take to the local tailor. Apparently, they have never seen one and needed to examine it in order to make one. They checked out the shirt, jacket, and pants and concluded that they probably could make it for me. I just had to pick out some fabric for the jacket and pants. I was quite impressed with the price too. 850 kuai for a shirt, jacket, pants, and vest (exchange rate: 7.70 RMB = $1). If this comes out alright, I may go back and have another suit made.

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