Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good, bad, funny

I have found one nuisance in my neighborhood: the people who stand around all day and hand out advertisements for the gym. They can't be avoided--they're at every corner that I have to pass EVERYDAY. They don't seem to get the picture that I just don't care. They're about as bad as the Greenpeace petitioners in Boulder (they really turned me off of that organization). Jia thinks she needs to get me a t-shirt that says, "I don't care what you're selling. Leave me alone," in Chinese. I bet if I made a few thousand I could sell them to a lot of foreigners.

Last night, Jia and I headed out to check out the local bar scene--we have two bars within about a 10-minute walk. The first was a pole dancing club (but no nudity). The second was a real bar--it was huge, packed with people but not excessively loud, and had some good bands. There's also a dance club upstairs. We sat for a couple drinks and watched the bands. The second one was hilarious--the singer was dressed as an ultra-nationalist (he even sang a rather vulgar song about the Japanese that the crowd loved). The best part was, for the first few songs, he reminded me of the singer from Judas Priest (except he was Chinese)--I wished I had my camera there to take a video. With any luck I'll see the band again and I'll get that video.

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