Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Apartment Hunting

Yesterday turned out better while helping J. search for an apartment here in Shenzhen. We told one agent exactly what to look for and he really looked around for something that would fit. He had three places lined up for us to see in the afternoon (much better than seeing one and then heading back to the real estate agency office to find another one). The first was in the same building where we saw two apartments the previous day (except this one had a terrible layout with a bathroom smaller than my closet). It was then that our real estate agent took us on a long walk. The second place was pretty good--for some reason the kitchen was open air, it appeared to have been built on the balcony. The third was much better. It was convenient, quiet, the right price, and it had a real bathroom.

This real estate agent knew a whole lot more about customer service than any of the others from the other day. He spoke a little English to compensate for our lack of Chinese skills. He was even understanding when J. said he liked the apartment but wanted to wait and look at a few more first.

My only complaint for the day is that I walked a bit too much and my knee is killing me. J.'s on his own today because I can't do much walking.

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