Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts

I had a short meeting at work yesterday. We went over the class schedules and some first week stuff. I was a bit confused by the workings of the schedule, but my colleague says it just takes some getting used to. The crowning moment was when I was given the key to my new office. I don't know what I'm going to do with so much space. It's meant to be shared, but there's no one to share it with. Anyway, I have a new computer and printer, three leather desk chairs, and leather sofa. Plus, plenty of storage space for the piles of papers I'm sure to accumulate from students. It even has a nice view of the library--a rather interestingly designed structure that apparently has an ample supply of technical books, but very few literary works.

While beginning my plans for classes, I realized how simple it is--all of my classes are doing the exact same thing. I really only need to make one lesson plan for each week. Of course, this will provide me with plenty of time to attempt to make class interesting and peruse all the student papers.

In the news: According to the Shenzhen Daily (and I also heard the same on "Biz China"), Tsingtao beer profits have risen significantly. Why, you ask? "[R]ising Chinese incomes boosted demand for beer." So, the income of an individual is directly proportional to his/her level of beer consumption. Sounds logical enough to me. Another interesting figure from the article includes last year's beer quantity of 351.5 hectoliters (how much is a hectoliter anyway?). For those interested, Hong Kong share prices in Tsingtao rose 45 percent in the first half of the year. Just wait 'til Olympic sponsorship really kicks in... "Let's all get drunk and play ping-pong."

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