Monday, January 21, 2008

Checking Out

Jia and I are leaving Shenzhen this afternoon on our trip to the states. This will be her first trip to the US and only her second outside China. She's excited to see my hometown and New York City and DC. She showed her excitement by overpacking. My mom had to talk her out of bringing three coats and quite a few warm shirts. I had to try to talk her out of more. Of course, I think I packed four days of clothes--that's all the space that was left in the suitcases. Fortunately, the suitcases are also packed with gifts for friends and relatives, which will leave us space to bring stuff back to Shenzhen in February.

Assuming all goes well at the border today, we'll be spending the night in Hong Kong to ensure we get to the airport early enough for our flight tomorrow. We may also get to see my uncle who's there on business for the next couple weeks.

So long, readers. I'll try to make a few posts on my vacation.


Lady Rose said...

Hi from a Jersey Girl - hope your trip goes well.

I hope to return to China one day. We were there 11 years ago to adopt our beautiful daughter.

JA Huber said...

Very exciting you'll be able to show Jia your home. You're going to have such a wonderful time.